Arbutus West

Main Clinic

West 16th Avenue

Vancouver East

Sister Clinic

3033 Grandview Hwy

During Business Hours

During business hours we see all emergencies on a priority basis. Emergencies cases will be triaged immediately upon arrival, and treated appropriately. If possible, please call ahead so we can prepare to receive your patient.

If you have a scheduled appointment that is delayed by an emergency, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

After Hours Emergencies

For after-hours emergency veterinary care in Vancouver, Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic provides emergency and critical care services 24 hours a day.

They are located at 1590 West 4th, at 4th Avenue and Fir (in Kitsilano, one block west of Granville).

They can be reached at 604-734-5104.

I visited this clinic for the first time today to take in my pet rat, hearing that the clinic/doctor was very good at rodent care and diagnosis. I was able to get a very quick appointment the same day I called (which was amazing because the clinic seemed decently busy for the time I was there). The reception was quite friendly, and Dr. Burstyn was very caring and extremely knowledgeable. He also offered a broad range of treatment options for my rat and her potential ear infection, and the whole time I felt like my rat was in great hands. I would recommend this medical clinic to any pet owner, and silly as it may seem, I’d probably trust these people more with my own health than my family doctor!