NYC is having a whale of a time!

By Arbutus West, on Monday, January 15th, 2018

Although most of the news from the east coast of late has been keeping tabs on the deep freeze, some happier news is peeking it’s head above the snow, and NYC is having a whale of a time with this feelgood story!

Although Vancouver residents are spectacularly lucky to see a lot of marine life in our waterways – from dolphins, to otters, seals and more – Our American neighbours are starting to reap the rewards of cleaner bays and harbours.

New York City has been one such place to see huge numbers of marine life returning to their sea-side city.
Due to environmental laws put in place to clean up the terrible conditions of their waterways years ago, the cleaner water means New-Yorkers are seeing some surprise visitors! Humpback whales are wowing residents as they feast on fish before heading to the Caribbean for the winter months (what a lifestyle!).
Check out the video below for one fishing boats close encounter (WARNING – some salty language so NSFW).

According to reports, fisherman have been blown away from the amount of whales, dolphins and rays regularly spotted in the area with local fisherman Stony Bennett saying “I’ve fished these water for 40 years. I’ve never seen so much life.”
It’s enough, in fact, that whale watching tours are now available. Tourists and locals alike are all flocking to see these magnificent creatures before they chase the sunshine down south.
What an uplifting way to start the week!

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