Success Stories – Meet Einstein!

By Arbutus West, on Thursday, March 21st, 2019

The first time we met Einstein, she was presented to us by her owner with a eye lesion. An examination showed an abscess behind the lense that was being treated with traditional medication to no apparent success. Without a different treatment, she would likely lose her eye.

Our team of doctors reached out to colleagues at Western Canada Eye Specialists and new treatment was proposed. By separating the serum from donated feline blood – this could be applied similarly to eye drops, and have something like a stem-cell effect. It would essentially encourage Einstein’s eye to heal itself. This treatment had been utilized before, though it is not a common procedure.


With the owner’s permission and our very own clinic-cat Sir Lancelot providing us with donor blood, we sent the serum home and waited for results. Just a few weeks later Einstein’s future is looking bright! Her eye is looking terrific and we now have a new technique we can utilise with confidence!


The magical combination of medicine, dedication and compassion continues to drive us to be the best, and provide the best for your pets.

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