Every visit to our animal clinic begins with a thorough physical examination of your pet by a staff doctor. Our consultation times are 40 minutes, with extended appointments available for multiple pets or complicated cases. We always take the time to address your questions and concerns, and to help you be an active partner in your pet’s wellness.


Most pets will develop arthritis in their joints as they get older, and identifying chronic pain can be a challenge. While arthritis is a normal part of aging, the pain associated with it can be managed, and should not be ignored. Our doctors are trained to combine nutrition, anti-inflammatory treatments, physiotherapy, medicines, and acupuncture to ensure that the pets in our care live comfortable and pain-free lives. Your pet deserves to be pain-free in their golden years, and we can help you achieve this.


Hot spots, itching, and ear infections are all common signs of dog allergies, while cats typically show signs of sneezing, hair loss, rashes and scabs. We have had excellent success in getting pets comfortable using food exclusion trials, allergy treatments, and immunotherapy. Our pet health team use VARL immunotherapy to attune the immune system to ignore allergens from the environment, which is a natural way of treating allergies and helps avoid long-term medication.


We offer both surgical and medical (chemotherapy) treatment for pets with cancer. Caring for a pet with cancer is never easy, but we offer compassionate, affordable and effective management for people who would like to go on this journey with a compassionate family practice instead of having to go to a large specialty center. Our cancer care is always focused on maximizing quality of care for your pet and we will include you in all the decision making and offer referral to outside specialists if that is that is what’s needed to get you and your pet the best outcome possible.


We can do same-day ultrasound that gets reviewed by a specialist radiologist within 24 hours. This can be done as a primary diagnostic, or help with management of other problems, like cancer, foreign object ingestion, pancreatitis and bladder or kidney stones.


Dr. Burstyn is certified at extracapsular repairs, the treatment of choice for dogs under 20 kg, as well as cats and rabbits with cruciate ligament rupture! We Perform the surgery, use epidurals to reduce pain, and give our clients a physiotherapy program to follow. This procedure can even be a good option for some bigger dogs whose owners cannot afford the much more expensive TPLO surgery.


We can remove bladder stones through minimally invasive surgery in patients as small as 2 kg! This is hands down a superior option to open surgery since it results in a small incision, less pain, shorter recovery time and 30% higher stone recovery, meaning the chance of your pet needing a second surgery within 6 months is dramatically reduced. This is one of the best applications for minimally invasive surgery that we’ve been able to find.


Has your pet been having diarrhea or vomiting for most of its life? Does your pet need a liver or intestinal biopsy? We can get full thickness biopsies using minimally invasive surgery! You no longer have to decide between the trauma of open abdomen surgery and the value of full thickness biopsies (which are always preferred to limited endoscopic biopsies). Get the biopsy, get the right diagnosis, get your pet home the same day with minimal discomfort and get their chronic problems solved fast!


Dr. Burstyn’s personal favorite! Infected wounds, dog bites, surgical complications, defects left by large tumor removal. We use advanced bandaging materials, modern suture materials, closed suction drains and evidence-based wound care to close up defects, manage surgical site infections and resolve wounds that look impossible to manage at first glance. If needed, we can mobilize complex skin flaps, skin grafts and other advanced reconstructive techniques to get your pet back to you.

Spaying and Neutering

Fixing your pet is recommended in order to avoid unwanted litters, and we routinely spay or neuter cats and dogs as well as rabbits, rats, and other pocket pets.


We provide a full range of dental services for pets, including cleanings, prophylaxis, X-rays, and extractions, to help prevent the onset of dental disease.


Our clinic follows the latest AAHA and AAFP published protocols. When available, we use non-adjuvant vaccines to minimize the chance of a vaccine reaction.


Acupuncture is great for managing back and joint pain in pets, and we offer adjunct acupuncture treatments as a part of a holistic approach to managing discomfort in older or injured pets.


We rely on medical imaging such as X-rays, ultrasounds, and myelograms, to help diagnose internal diseases in your pet that would be otherwise undetectable.


This non-invasive technique is used at the clinic to assess heart problems, monitor anesthetic cases, and during cases of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).


We are Vancouver’s only provider of Minimally Invasive Surgery, and also offer a broad range of soft tissue, orthopedic, and spinal procedures.


Ultrasounds are performed locally at the clinic, and a review and report by a board-certified specialist is included with every ultrasound.

IV therapy

All of our surgical patients receive IV fluids as part of their treatment, and we also offer in-hospital IV fluid therapy for a broad range of conditions.

Blood Pressure Checks

We offer in-house and at-home blood pressure checks, which are critical for diagnosing hypertension and a range of cardiovascular diseases.

Arbutus West Animal Clinic carries a wide range of Healthy Products for your pets. All recommended products are available for purchase in-house. Make sure you're using the right tools for the job!

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  • Purina Veterinary Diets
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Oxbow Pet Food

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Special Orders

We can special order pet food and other products for delivery to our animal clinic within two business days. Contact our Vancouver veterinary hospital for details.