4:1 Staff to Doctor Ratio

This allows the doctor to focus on communicating with you, our valued client, while the staff can dedicate themselves to looking after your pet.

We Take The Time

Our 40 minute appointments are twice as long as industry average, giving you more face time with the doctor. We are happy to answer all your questions and be an active partner in your pets wellness.

Exotic Animal Care

We have a reputation as one of Vancouver’s most trusted and experienced exotic animal care centers.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Arbutus West Animal Clinic is the only Veterinary Hospital in the Lower Mainland routinely offering Minimally Invasive Surgeries.


Our caring staff are passionate about critters, and your pet's comfort is our priority. We make sure all pets are dry, warm and have everything they need to be comfortable in our care.


Your pet's safety is of the utmost importance to us. The dedicated staff members for anesthesia monitoring are included in the cost of all surgical and dental procedures at the Arbutus West Animal Clinic.


Whether it's teaching you how to give a pill to your cat, changing your pet's food, or providing supportive care at home, we take the time to show you how to make caring for your pet as easy and fun as possible.


We educate our clients on all aspects of your pet's lifestyle, diet, and exercise and perform a thorough examination. We provide quality individualized care you would expect for any valued family member.

Giving Back To The Community

In addition to the charity work with animal rescues, the Arbutus West Animal Clinic frequently hosts students from veterinary schools, technician programs, and pre-veterinary programs. We believe in supporting the next generation of animal welfare professionals.

When I first moved to BC, I took my cat to another clinic that said they really cared about the welfare of animals- especially cats. One morning, I woke up to my cat coughing up blood. I called my regular vet at that time and they said they were too busy to see him! Using Google, I found Arbutus West, and have never regretted taking my cat Ozzy there once. The staff at Arbutus treat Ozzy with such amazing care and treat me with great compassion. I would highly recommend them and have to several people who have been really happy with the service and results. Walking out of Arbutus West each time, I feel like I have made good decisions based on well educated recommendations and compassion and care for both Ozzy and me. When you walk in, read their mission statement. They really mean it!

Laura Meyers